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Facilities & Infrastructure

Having the realization of the responsibility we have as per being a pharmaceutical firm, led us to establish a well developed infrastructure. We have the access of large production space which is equipped with the advanced manufacturing plants and equipment. Along with production, several activities like quality testing, packaging, storage, maintenance and transportation also take place here. We do provide a lot of facilities to our customers and potential clients when it comes to assurance of the the quality of pharmaceutical bulk drugs [API] and Intermediates which have been produced under the supervision of experts. Our drugs and intermediates have gone through number of strict quality checks which ensure their quality. We own different teams for taking care of production, maintenance and transportation which has divided our labor and responsibilities equally. This led us to deliver the supreme grade of highly effective medicinal drugs on time. Along with quality timeliness is our one of the top most priorities. Our manufacturing facilities are approved as per food and drugs control admonition (FDCA) Gujarat, India revised schedule Mand GMP. We are following the World Health Organization (WHO), GMP and ECH Q7 System. We have created a transparency between us and our clients which make them able to get aware of our actions. Offered Pharmaceutical bulk drugs [API] and Intermediates are accessible for bulk buyers at highly affordable market prices.

Technical Expertise of Prudence Pharma Chem

We have been engaged in this industry for more than 15 years, which helps us to garner the technical expertise to used the Eco-Friendly and cost effective processes in which we do not use hazardous reagents, expensive solvents. By implementing standard process technology has lowers down the waste streams, we have followed the wide range of chemical processes, such as conventional and catalyzed reactions for the formation of the intermediates. 

List of reactions done at our manufacturing facility

  • Acetal Formation / Ketal Formation
  • Chloromethylation
  • Chlorosulphonations Nitration
  • Condensation
  • Cyclizations / Condensations / Amination
  • Decarboxylation
  • Dehalogenation
  • Dehydration
  • Dehydrohalogenation
  • Esterification / Trans-Esterification
  • Fridel - Crafts Alkylation / Acylation / Chlorination
  • Grinard Reactions
  • Halogenation [Br2,Cl2, l2, ICl, SOCL2, POCI3, PCl3, PCl5, KF etc]
  • Hofmann Reaction
  • Ketalization
  • Oxidation [KMnO4, CrO3, HNO2, HNO3, O2, H2O2]
  • Reduction [H2, Pd, NI, Pt, NaBH4, Zn, Vitride, Sodium]
  • Reductive Amination
  • Reductive Amino Alkylation
  • Sandmeyer Reaction
  • Willgerodt Reactions Sulfonation

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